The last few months have been one hell of a ride! But like always, I have embraced it and relished the highs and the lows. Sitting now at Manila International Airport en route to Kona (host Hawaiian town of the Ironman World Championships), and writing this report, it has given me a chance to reflect on what has been and what lies ahead. The “Road to Kona 2016” is almost complete!

Since Ironman Frankfurt, I have taken the positives and negatives of the race and focused only on the preparation for my “A” race of the year. My road to Kona has not been easy, but thankfully I received a roll down slot (the same as last year) and could use the last 2 races in build and lead up to the big day. Both races post Frankfurt (being 70.3 Asia- Pacific Championship and 70.3 World Championship events), have enabled me to race the best professional females in the business and see where I was at. Even though I was not fully charged on race day for both events – a choice that I personally made given my level of ability in the 70.3 distance – I felt the experience was a great learning curve and has enabled me to fine tune the race specific aspects of my game.

My training has gone according to plan and I have been able to hit majority of my personal parameters on the swim/bike and run. Not every training session has been perfect but being the self critical person I am, I know that I have trained smarter and have been challenged every step of the way. My consistent training could not have been done without the support of my awesome team from Z-Coaching Phuket. Thanks to my coach Jurgen and all the athletes for pushing me and keeping me motivated when the going gets tough!

If I reflect back to this time last year, I would say I am a lot fitter, adapted, and more aware of my personal form and what realistically I can achieve. There is no doubt in my mind that I have what it takes to race the best and be competitive. It is now up to me to get the race formula right!

So, from me this time it is a short and sweet post. There is nothing more to say other than I am ready for the challenge which lies ahead in just under 2 weeks time. An opportunity has come knocking at my door…I will make sure to not miss it!


Thanks for your support!

“The Duke”







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